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After many years in the industry and research into the best products and processes across the globe, Brad’s Carpet Cleaning has chosen to use the Sapphire Scientific range for the most effective clean. This involves steam extraction using high pressure hot water penetration, together with chemicals for cleaning and stubborn stain removal.

The Sapphire Scientific 870 High Pressure Machine produces steam pressure up to 2500psi. This machine’s features and benefits include:
Brad's Carpet Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning – Brad uses Chemspec Gold Standard Products

Tile and Grout Cleaning – VersaClean Products
Low odour, low foaming and superior degreasing alkaline formulation removes stubborn soils from hard surfaces and grout lines.

New-Technology Chemistry for a faster, simpler, healthier clean
Sapphire Scientific offers safer, more effective carpet cleaning chemicals in a system that is easy to use and leaves a clean, fresh scent. Utilizing the latest non-volatile, odour-free solvents and fully biodegradable detergents, Sapphire’s superior cleaning technology helps you tackle even the toughest jobs. Sapphire’s products are also the perfect choice for cleaning stain-resistant carpets. Plus, with a lineup of products designed to be used independently or in powerful combinations, Sapphire’s chemical system simplifies application and helps ensure a thorough clean every time.